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Please donate to MicJack, the penniless Pirate.
Duration: 2.42 min.
Views: 479
Rating: 1.0

Pirates in EU steal from others knowing they can since MA gave them this option and they think it's ok to take from others since it's a game dealing with real world money. Note also they only go after other players who have no weapons. If I had loot, he could turn around and withdraw the in game currency into real world money. IS this stealing and is MindArk at fault for this?

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Some Times Mobs Know their fate
Duration: 2.43 min.
Views: 44
Rating: Not Rated Yet

At times I found mobs seem to just say 'I don't want to die today..go away please'

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Narfi comparing who's boobs are bigger
Duration: 1.55 min.
Views: 85
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When spending so much in game, you just got to let it go some times.

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Server Having a bad Night
Duration: 3.78 min.
Views: 31
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Was a bad night for lag in the Hoverpod MK3. Think it was mostly due to speed of the vehicle but as seen in video, it was just a bad night and due to it lost a lot of TT value.