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Completed Halix Stage 4!
Duration: 7.40 min.
Views: 87
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Just another mission complete after long hours of non-stop shooting of mobs

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Completed Jori Stage 4!
Duration: 5.67 min.
Views: 79
Rating: 5.0

A long time working and no globals, but at least I got my Fish's head!!

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My Very first Global Ever!
Duration: 1.77 min.
Views: 185
Rating: Not Rated Yet

It was a small global but at least it was my very first global ever!! OZtwo manufactured an item (Jori Leather Texture) worth 50 PED!

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A sign I need to take a shower
Duration: 0.47 min.
Views: 44
Rating: Not Rated Yet

As I was asking this very stupid question, my internet I ask, was it a sign?